The mobile version and app of your online shop — the absolute growth opportunity

Benefit from the changed user behavior

It will not take long and then every citizen will buy online, no matter what. E-commerce via smartphone and tablet will represent a very large, if not the most part thereof. Based on current figures and according to forecasts, around half (!) of all e-commerce revenue can be achieved till 2021 through the mobile versions and the apps of stores.

Investments in the mobile infrastructure

Additional impulses for this user behavior will be provided by the expansion of the 5G network. Even though Germany still has a very high need for catching up in the area coverage of a powerful mobile network. The expansion of the 5G network and the measures adopted by the politians to eliminate the abuses in the area coverage, in particular the announcement that at least 4G will be available in the country, will further fuel the trend towards mobile online shopping.

The combination of powerful networks and ever-improving smartphones

Another factor for the changing user behavior is represented by the steadily improving smartphones and tablets. These terminals are at the present day full-fledged PCs or laptops in pocket-size. And this evolution to "all-in-one terminals" will be progressing more and more rapidly. This development, combined with the expansion of networks, enables online purchases anytime, anywhere.


The current user behavior will move further and even faster to purchases via the mobile versions and apps of the online shops. The advantage for you as a shop operator and for the customers is plain and simple. Purchases can be made from anywhere on the go. This growth opportunity is relatively easy to implement if you present in the mobile version and in the app a few key points, such as product presentation, payment methods and general user interface.