Economic situation in 2020 - It will be much more difficult | The exception is e-commerce

Take advantage of the growth opportunities through e-commerce

The German economy is expected to grow by 0.8 percent this year, due to fewer holidays than in 2019. With the same number of holidays, it would be only 0.4 percent. The German economy is heading towards stagnation. The overall weak world trade as well as trade conflicts put a heavy burden on the German export industry, especially on machinery and vehicle construction. The downside risk is great.

According to the experts' assesment, the German economy is currently in a "cyclically and structurally difficult phase".

Much more investments needed

Since the consumer behaviour is under pressure to transform alongside with the industry behaviour, a committed economic policy is more important than ever. This means that much more targeted investments need to be made in the trade. Investments, as the experts agree, only make sense if they are carried out in a digital infrastructure. These measures allow you to start or further expand your e-commerce.

Record year 2019: German online trading revenues amount to 72.6 billion euros

These times, one in three online buyers orders online several times a week. This fact and a significant increase in order volume via mobile devices have allowed gross sales of goods in e-commerce to rise to a record value of 72.6 billion euros. This represents an increase of 11.6 percent compared to the previous year's gross value of 65.1 billion euros. The overall gross turnover from goods and services in the interactive commerce, which includes online sales as well as written and telephone orders, reached a gross value of 94 billion euros.

The next record year 2020

Based on the good business results of 2019, BEVH expects a further increase of 10 percent in e-commerce this year. The e-commerce with goods is expected to reach a gross amount of 80 billion euros. For the first time, the total interactive sales of goods and services will exceed the gross threshold of 100 billion euros in 2020.


Take advantage of the opportunities offered by e-commerce and grow with the market. As a result of increasing investments in infrastructure, e-commerce will continue to grow steadily over the next few years. In addition, there are the next generations of consumers who know only the e-commerce and will continue to appreciate it.